Me – My name is Tony Charles Giamei. I was born April 15th, 1988 in Cleveland, Ohio.
Location – I am currently located in Cleveland, Ohio. I am willing to move to work full time in the industry.
Relationships – I am interested in building associations, and business relationships worldwide.
The Goal – Join a successful music/entertainment company that is already established.


Tony Giamei aka 216Written



Visible Progression is focused on helping musicians, businesses, actors, models, gamers and everyday people with Marketing & Promotion.



Record Label: Concore Entertainment

Handled music submissions. Oversaw decisions made by the CEO giving opinions on everything that involved the label. Scouted for talent. Contacted artists and managers. Set up and attended conference calls. Sent basic deal memos out. Wrote invoices. Gave input on what products I believed would be commercially viable. Assisted in Web Development. Oversaw artists development. In detail I wrote how I felt about a songs Beat, Chorus, Intro, Verse(s), Outro, Flow, Delivery, Timing, Mix & Master Quality, Longevity in artists current style, Video Quality and Artists Image.

(*I am able to assist in Songwriting/Production*)


(Basic Knowledge Of)

Publishing/BMI Forms, BDS/Mediabase, FM/College Radio Promotion P1 P2 Stations, Talent Showcases, Show CDs, Graphics, Copyrights, Press Kits, Biographies,  File Conversion, Track Listings, Handling Orders, Video Editing, YouTube Copyright Claims, Video Formats, Sony Vegas, CD Duplication/Replication, A understanding of filetypes WAV/MP3/PDF/GIF/JPEG/AVI/MP4/MPG/MPEG/ISO + MORE, Creating and extracting Zip Files/Rar Files, PayPal, Western Union AND MORE!


(Experience In Audio Engineering)
Experience recording artists. Basic knowledge of Interfaces, Microphones, EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delays, Limiters, Splits, Panning, Pop filters etc. Experience transferring files and data to mastering engineers. Experience doing Radio Commercials/Drops/Edits and Mixes. Experience recording internet audio streams to high quality.


(Experience In Website Development)

Experience registering domains. Experience setting up and managing email accounts. Experience creating and modifying websites with WordPress(Responsive Themes), CPanel and HTML Editor. A understanding of File Management and Awstats/Analytical Data. Experience working with technical support operators. Experience selecting graphic designs for websites. Experience modifying PayPal merchant account buttons.


(Computer Science Education)

Covered Computer Networking, Covered Computer Repair, Covered Building Computers.

Covered Advanced Programming In Java, Covered Basic Programming In C++, Covered Basic Programming In HTML.


(I can adapt to any social media networks structure and manage accounts)

Email Management/Marketing (Build email lists, Maintain lists of email accounts and passwords, Experience sending information and material via email to Radio Stations, Blogs, DJs etc with an understanding of the BCC function)

Target Marketing

Product Development

Experience providing hundreds to thousands of votes for internet contests.

Experience extracting emails for target marketing manually or via automated computer software. (Manually target market mailing addresses/Scrape search engines with keywords)

Experience providing website traffic (Unique visitors)

Experience developing and providing professional keyword structures. (Tags, Descriptions etc)

Experience providing SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Experience providing unique visitors and back links.

Experience providing Song Requests On FM Radio Stations via MediaBase.com online request line requests.

Excellent skills in doing research via search engines.



Mechanical Royalties/Radio/TV Royalties/Promotion, Licensing, Entertainment Law, Video Production, Movie Production, FM Radio, Soundscan, BDS/MediaBase, PPC(Pay Per Click Adverstisement, ROI(Return On Investment), Bookings, Physical Distribution, Publishing, Copyrights and MORE.



A understanding of Hard Drives, Ram, Motherboards, Processors, Printers, Graphics Cards, Sound Cards, Fans, Power Supply(s), CD-ROM(s), Network Adapters, Mice, Keyboards, Thumb Drives, Packets, Firewalls, Ports, Remote Desktop, Macros, Domain WhoIs, Anti-Virus, Video And Audio Streaming, Reverse Engineering, Formatting, Partitioning AND MORE!

I can format a hard drive and install a fresh copy of windows with all security updates and any other software required for system use.

Experience installing and configuring network routers & configuring security for wireless routers (Via routers control panel 192.168.x.x).

Experience performing data backup and data recovery.

Experience performing professional data encryption. 

Experience using FTP, Telnet, MS-DOS, UNIX AND MORE!

A understanding of network security (Buffer Overflows, SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, Brute Force Attacks, Phishing, Remote Code Execution, DDoS Attacks, Directory Traversal, Viruses, Trojans, Rootkits, Social Engineering, Botnets, Packet Sniffing, Keyloggers, Bitmining AND MORE!)